Monday, September 18, 2006


Monday Highlights

This year's theme is Active Enterprise Intelligence.

I think that the keynotes do a nice job emphasizing the value of AEI, too. AEI isn't a product, or a solution, or an architecture. It's a principle that says "business users need the right data at the right time to make the right decisions."

Like so many things in business, it seems obvious: If we could instantly answer whatever question we thought to ask, there'd be no hesitancy and much less risk. Margin, float, underwriting... they drive much of industry. Many companies make much of the money from nothing more that some low-level service that they provide. It that wasn't the case, the barter system would still be in effect today. So, better margins and pricing can be manipulated, the better a company's bottom line. Active Enterprise Intelligence.

Sunday, September 17, 2006



Congratulations to Teradata Partners for another fabulous kick off to their annual conference. I have to admit that I spent the last four days with my 5-month pregnant wife and our 3-year old daughter -- so tonight's gala event was a dramatic change from that -- but Partners has done another fabulous job with their conference.

Tonight's gala include the typical open bar and buffet fair, with live jazz music, and fantastic dessert. My kind of thing. I missed the sessions today because of Goofy's Barnstormer and Mickey's and Minnie's houses, but I hear through the grape vine that a number of sessions were definitely worth the time to attend.

Of particular interest to me was a health-care session about taking a new analytical modeling approach. I hear tell that the approach taken by this particular company is HIGHLY normalized -- applying 4th and 5th normal form rules in some cases -- and is expected to deliver very high performance results in their warehouse. Dreams really do come true at Disney World, I guess!

Tomorrow the blogging will start in earnest as the keynotes kick off the day!

In the meantime, I only ask for sympathy for my pregnant wife who is (has been) delayed in the Orlando airport for 5 hours with a 3-year old toddler! They expect to depart around midnight... Here's to hoping!

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